Trained In Arms, Women-In-Blue Patrol Udaipur Streets


Udaipur: It’s an unusual sight on the roads of Udaipur city better known for its lakes and palaces  an all-woman police patrol team on motorbikes taking on eve-teasers  and tourists, especially women.

The women, wearing uniforms in blue, similar to the attire of various American police forces like New York Police Department (NYPD) and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), are fully equipped with arms, security equipment, first aid and other amenities besides motorcycles for patrolling the city.

The initiative was taken by the Rajasthan government in September this year to ensure that women cops have more active role.

The move was taken with an aim to tackle crimes against women after many surveys suggested that cops were not gender-sensitive in the state.

According to National Crime Records Bureau figures, Rajasthan has the third highest number of crimes against women in the country.

The team of women trained in martial arts, weight training and aerobics respond to all kinds of calls on their dedicated WhatsApp helpline.

To ensure quick and effective action, this force reports directly to senior police officials in the city.

“They are trained in arms, they are trained in martial arts, they are strong, they are commandos and they give women a feeling of security and safety,” said Chandrasheel Thakur Deputy Superintendent of Police, Udaipur city.

“When we picked them up for training only two of these women police personnel could drive a motorbike, now they all can,” he said.

The Rajasthan government plans to evaluate the performance of all-women patrol team in Udaipur over the time and if their response to crime situations is good, such teams will be started in other cities as well.

“We feel that after joining the police service our skills are being put to good use,” said Seema, an inspector.



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