Train Services Disrupted in Sealdah-Bongaon Route


Kolkata: Suburban Train services on Friday night were disrupted in Sealdah- Bongaon route owing to some technical glitch of the signaling system and in overhead wires, said railway sources.

Daily commuters had to face severe difficulties due to the disruption. Railways said that due to problem of railway signal, coming Saturday and Sunday the Shialda main line train will be stopped. These two days there will 45 dozens of local train will be cancel and 22-24 hours the train service will be stop.

The rail authority has taken the advantages of weekend to solve the problem. After Shialda to Sodpur, the maintenance of signal work will be done at Kharagpur to Titagarh. For this six dozens at Barackpur, eight dozens at Naihati, three dozens in Kalyani, four dozens at Ranaghat and two trains at Santipur will be stop in Saturday. In Sunday several trains will also be canceling such as five dozens at Barackpur, six dozens at Naifati, four dozens at Kalyani, five dozens at Ranaghat and for trains at Santipur local.