Train Services Disrupt At Dum Dum


Kolkata: Train services are completely disrupt at the rail tracks near Dum Dum station due to a crack on the tracks on one hand, and the discovery of a body one the other hand.

Several Dum Dum bound trains are reportedly stranded. Train services are also disrupt at the Sealdah main line as a result of this. Signalling work is ongoing at Sealdah. Several local trains are also running late. As a result of all this, the office goers are suffering as it is the peak office hours.

The crack was noticed early in the morning and since then working is going on to fix it. It has been assured that the fixation would be complete very soon, and they are working steadfastly. But the commuters doubt it as they complain that no announcement was made on behalf of the railways.

Helpless commuters are seen walking along the railway tracks for hours to reach their destination on time. Those in the stranded trains have no knowlegde of what has happened. All of this has resulted in chaos among commuters.

Another reports points out over the discovery of a dead body Chitpur station’s godown. More details on this are still awaited.