Train Services along Sealdah (South) Disrupted


Kolkata: Due to the tear in the overhead wire near Garia, the train services along the Sealdah South section has been disrupted. According to the latest news, the trains have been stopped in the UP Line and the local daily passengers are facing huge problem as the consequence. The reason for the tearing of the overhead wire is thought to be the over night incessant rainfall and tough-stormy weather condition. On a whole, there has occurred a huge pandemonium over the stopage of train service in the Sealdah South Section. The sources added that the Automatic Signalling System is also not working. Hence, they have gone for the paper signalling system. Some of the trains have been cancelled in the wing.

On the other hand, the car shed at Howrah is also said to have got flooded due to the excessive rainfall. The local trains in the Howrah Line are moving at a very slow rate. The goods train in the section are also been diverted due to the bad weather condition. However, no trains have been cancelled due to the bad weather from Howrah as of now.