Train Service Disrupted In Howrah-Bandel Line


Hindmotor: The train service has been disrupted in Howrah-Bandel main line. Reportedly, the overhead wire has been disconnected and train service interrupted due to this.

According to the passengers, the over head wire has been disconnected near Uttarpara in the evening time. Consequently, train service has been interrupted after this.

As a result of the incident, local trains started to stand in queue in one after another station. The number of people started to increase with the growing time. Pasengers faced problem as the convenience of train are not there.

Amid the festive mood, private sector people are mostly outside for their job. Gathering followed in almost every station of Howrah-Bandel line. Many people have come out for their night shift job. Most of the people are returning from places after completing Bhai Dooj on Friday.

As per Railway source, authority took immediate action to control the fire. They managed to start overhead wire repairing work fast. So it did no long to resume the service. The authority assured the work will get completed within Friday midnight to bring back the normalcy from Saturday morning.