Train ‘Selfie’ Kills 4 Students


Liluah: The selfie craze claimed three lives in West Bengal’s Howrah district today. Four youth, all in their early twenties, were travelling on a Howrah bound local train when the mishap took place this evening.

চলন্ত ট্রেনে সেলফি তুলতে গিয়ে মৃত তিন বন্ধু

According to an eye-witness, one of the youth fell down from the running train while trying to save his mobile phone from falling off his hand as he was clicking a selfie.

Three of his friends soon got off at the Liluah station and began searching for their friend on the tracks when another train came from the opposite direction and hit them.

Two of them died on the spot while the third, critically injured, is battling for his life at the Howrah Medical College Hospital.

The tragedy took place at Potuapara between Belur and Liluah stations. GRP personnel have recovered the bodies which are yet to be identified.