Train Pantry Staff Will Bin Food Waste: Railways


New Delhi: The Railway Board Chairman Ashwani Lohani has instructed officials that
the railway catering staffs will from now on will carry trash bags to collect
waste from passengers.

Lohani, in a meeting, said that in order to keep trains clean, the pantry staff
must collect trash in a bag after the meals are served. Railways are now following
the airline methods as trash are collected after meals served.

“Meal plates are usually kept under the seats by passengers after eating and the
pantry staff take away those by stacking one on top of the other. Sometimes the
leftover contents spill and fall on the floor the coaches. Also, passengers keep
sundry items like banana peals, packets and other such things on the berths or on
the floor,” an official said.

“Under this system, the pantry staff, just like airlines, will carry a bag to every
passenger who can put their trays, plates or any other trash in it,” the official

In case of trains with no pantry, the on-board housekeeping staff should keep the
trash bags.