Train Kills Elephant in Dooars


Alipurduar: Elephant dies after being hit by Guwahati bound train in Sishubari area of dalgaon range of Dooars at around 2.33 pm on Saturday night. The Dalgaon range forest officers are already investigating the accident spot. The elephant which died was a male adult elephant. The forest department is still not sure whether the train was a parcel train or a train filled with food stock supplies.

The forest department states that even though they had alerted the railway about the elephant corridor, they couldn’t stop the goods trains from running at night. The department is also worried about the speed of the trains.

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Assistant wildlife warden of Jaldapara national park, Bimal Debanth has accused, that there should be investigation in this matter as there is no turns and bends in the railway track , how couldn’t driver not have noticed the elephant in train running in straight direction?. They will be registering a FIR against this.

The wildlife warden also states that it was discussed that local good trains will run but not the long hauled ones. Hence how come this Assam bound train ran will be investigated. On the otherside, local residents have reported that around 2:30, a parcel train has crossed.

Kemakwani, M.R.D.M of Alipurduar Rail division has stated, train filled with necessary food stock was moving towards Assam. The speed of the train during that time was 40 to 50 km/hr. He also states, the elephant was alone and possibly crossing the rail line.

They had spotted the animal at around 40 meters away and applied the emergency brake but they failed to save the elephant. The dead body of the elephant has been taken for forensic check up to Khoyerbari.