Train Drivers Approach NHRC Over ‘Inhuman’ Working Condition


New Delhi: The train drivers’ association has approached National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) over ‘inhumane and cruel’ working conditions.

According to a report, about 69,000 locomotive drivers for 19,000 trains in the country have complained they are working in cruel conditions and don’t get a break, even for few minutes, to eat something or to attend nature’s call.

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According to these drivers, the 12-hour shifts were leading to huge mental and physical stress as the railway engines, where they have to work, do not have toilets.

The Indian Railway Loco Running Men’s Organization (IRLRO) has approached NHRC and the matter is pending for hearing.

However, the railway management believes it is not possible to give a break to the drivers during their shift timings as it may go against the passengers’ safety. Halting a train to answer nature’s call or have refreshments may cause unnecessary delay in the journey.