Train Driver Holds Umbrella To Save Control Panel

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New Delhi: Rain brings respite from scorching heat during long and dry summer, but people are surely not up for monsoon woes. Traffic snarls, water-filled potholes, flooded streets and others that make our much loved season a big headache. And to make things worse, if there is water dripping down the ceiling then there is no end to the agony. After seeing staff wearing helmets at work, from government offices to government school, now a video of a train driver is going viral.

Not a helmet but the driver can be seen holding up an umbrella while driving the train. Yes, we are not kidding. The footage shows water leaking from the roof of the train and the drive is trying to save the control panel with the umbrella. Newspapers can be seen spread across the floor to soak up the water.

While the driver continues to manage the train, the speaker and the person behind the camera speak about their miseries. He says they have been facing the leakage problem for years and they have to remain extra vigilant all the time.

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He stresses that there’s “no problem with being alert” but there are lots of discomforts and problem in doing the job.

He asks people to share the video widely so that it grabs the attention of the concerned people, and the undated video is now going viral on Twitter. The video was shot in Jharkhand as the train passes the Bermo station while it was being recorded.

After the footage was widely shared, a reply was received from the Ministry of Railways’ Twitter handle. “We r really concerned, had enquired.The fact that it was dead(non-working)engine hauled by another engine in the front, can be seen in video.”