Train and Plane Services Disrupted Due to Fog


Kolkata: Train and heavy fog hit due to fog at Kolkata on Saturday morning, said sources. Four Kolkata bound flight had emergency landing at Bhubhaneswar. Timings of the many morning flights have been changed. Many flights are still stuck in the airport before it can fly. Around 34 flights have faced disturbances in take-off and landing.According to airport officials, situations are expected to get better near afternoon.

Due to fog there is low visibility which has caused the airports to disfunction properly. At Dumdum airport 5 international flights have been cancelled. Passengers are facing lot of problems. Flight services have also been disrupted at Bagdogra.

Trains at Howrah station and Sealdah Station are running late due to fog and lower visibility. Local trains are running late causing difficulties for daily commuters. Office and college goers have faced a lot of hindrances.