Tragic Accident In Highway Kills 4


Purulia: Four people died and Four seriously injured in a tragic road accident on Friday night in Purulia ,Raghunathpur.

As per report twelve more people had minor injuries but the other four who are seriously injured , their condition is critical. All the passengers who were deceased and injured were workers who were returning from their work.

The tragic incident took place when nearly twenty workers were returning from their work on Friday night, they were travelling in a matador from Chelia road to Patharkunia, suddenly on the midway the vehicle turned turtle losing all its control.

Police initially assumed that driver was drunk, the vehicle was carrying nearly twenty – twenty two people among them four people died at the spot, other four were critically injured and admitted to Raghunathpur super specialty hospital. Later, two among them were shifted to Bankura District Hospital as their condition was serious. Twelve other people had minor injuries and left after primary check up.

As per source the names of the deceased persons were Gobinda Bauri, Sona Bauri, Ridhu Bauri and Habul Bauri they all were age group of 20-35years .

Police is investigating the cause of this mishap, and as per their primary investigation the driver and the passengers were drunk .