Traffic Violators Should Be Beaten With Shoes: DGP, Goa

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Panaji: Those who will violate Traffic rules should be beaten with shoes, Goa’s Director General of Police,said in Panaji. The Goa traffic police on Monday conducted a drive to create awareness amongst people in regard to road safety and during the program the top cop said that.

The traffic police, under the guidance of Director General Police (DGP) Goa Dr Muktesh Chander, educated the vehicle drivers, including bike riders, about the traffic rules.

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Goa Director General of Police Muktesh Chander himself went around supervising and checking wrong parking and traffic violations. When Mr Chander was asked how the police should tackle traffic offenders who habitually violate rules, the top cop said that those who used to violate traffic rules,such people should be beaten with shoes, they should be fined.

Mr Chander also followed up his comment with a Hindi idiom – ‘Laathon ke bhoot, baaton se nahin maanate‘ (those who fear only thrashing cannot be counselled with words.)
The DGP also said that parking on footpaths was a serious problem in the state capital.

He told that due to haphazard parking even on the carriageway, blocking the traffic is also a traffic hazard. We have tried to contact with him, but he didn’t respond in this matter.

Reported by: Priyanka Dutta