Traffic Police Offers 65% Discount For All Pending Fines


Kolkata: The Kolkata Police will start a new scheme regarding the pending traffic fines. According to the new scheme, if the fine is paid within the stipulated time, then there are opportunities of 65% and 50% off. This is what Commissioner of Police (CP) Rajiv Kumar announced at a press conference on Wednesday.

The CP said that this scheme will start from December 1 in two phases. Those who will pay their pending fined within the first 45 days will get 65% discount. In easy terms, if the fine is Rs 100, then one will have to pay only Rs 35. This is valid till January 18 2019. If anyone fails to pay this fine withing this time period, then the vehicle owners will get one more opportunity. In the second plase, they will get a discount of 50% and it will be valid till February 13 2019.

According to the Kolkata Police, both sides will profit in this one-time settlement scheme. First of all, huge sum of fined money is pending for several days and with this scheme the vehicle owners will be happy. The Kolkata Police will also be able to earn something.

The money can be paid by directly going to Lalbazar or through online.