Traffic Control Chasing Congestion Throughout Kolkata

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Kolkata: The normal flow of traffic has been interrupted on Wednesday morning after the collapse of Majerhat bridge on Tuesday. Many roads are closed in South Kolkata. So Kolkata Police has changed several routes of buses to avoid interruption in rescue process and to help the commuters from havoc congestion. People coming from Sarsuna, Behala are facing huge pressure in entering the South Kolkata.

Kolkata Police issued the following diversions plan until the further progress:

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1. Behala bound buses and other vehicles availing D.H road from Hastings crossing will be diverted via Khiddipore-CGR roaad-Hide Road -Brace Bridge-taratala road to crossing and further roads.

2.North bound vehicle of D H Road will be diverted from Taratala crossing via Taratala road-Brace Bridge-Hide Road-CGR road-Hastings crossing.

3. All Behala bound vehicles availing Alipore Road will be diverted via Judge Court Road on Strandel Road-D H Road- Garden Reach Flyover- Remount Road.

4. City bound vehicles from Budge Budge area will be diverted from Jinzira Bazar crossing via Taratala Road-Brooklyn Road-Garden Reach Flyover-Remount Road-D H Road

5. Vehicle flow along N R avenuewill be tidal in following manner:

i. ZFrom 06:00 hrs-13:00 hrs- East Bound

ii. From 13:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs- West Bound

iii. From 22:00 hrs to 6:00 hrs-both Bound

6. Tram service will be totally suspended along CGR Road-D H road & Judges Court Road.