Traditional Dishes On Bhai Phota; Eateries Let’s Rock


Kolkata: On Bhai Phota sisters prepare special sweet dish for their brothers. As per the traditions brothers visit their sisters’ houses who welcome them with great love and affection. After performing the puja sisters cook special dishes and sweets for their brothers.

To make the most of Bengalis’ penchant for traditional delicacies on special occasions, restaurants in the city have widened the array of signature cuisines from Bengal this ‘Bhai Phonta’.

Sisters put a mark on the foreheads of brothers and pray for their long lives on the occasion of ‘Bhai Phonta’. The ritual is followed by offering lip smacking delicacies.

There has been a rising trend of families eating out on ‘Bhai Phonta’ and Durga Puja instead of gorging on home-cooked food. On October 21, the day of ‘Bhai Phonta’, severe Restaurant will roll out delicacies like ‘Lotte Machher jhuri bhaja’, ‘Narkel bata chingri’, ‘Chingri makhana’, ‘Chitol kofta’ and ‘Dhakai chitol peti’.

Chef Sushanta Sengupta of 6 Ballygunje Place restaurant said ‘Pur bhara kakrol bhaja’, ‘Aam kasundi aloo dum’, ‘Mixed veg kofta’, ‘Kachalanka dhonepata murgi’ and ‘Morich mangsho’ will be among the spread especially arranged for brothers and sisters and their companions on that day.

At ‘Bhajahari Manna’, which derives its name from the iconic globetrotter chef in Manna Dey’s timeless Bengali number, Bengali dishes like ‘Mochar paturi’, ‘Daab chingri’, ‘Jumbo prawns’, ‘Kosha mangsho’, ‘Chhanar dalna’ and ‘Mutton kasha’ will be on offer.

Striking a different note, percussionist Pt Tanmoy Bose’s ‘Wasabee’ will stick to oriental cuisine with delicacies like Singaporean Chilli Crab, Singaporean Satay Kai, Mee Soto Soup, Hokking Prawn Mee and Nasi Goreong.