Traditional Bengali Sweets to Go Online

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Kolkata : Non-residential Bengalis who are either settled abroad or in various parts of the country, can now taste the age-old traditional sweets of Bengal with just a click of the mouse. A new web portal ‘’ has come up in the city which promises to deliver traditional Bengali sweets to households not only in Kolkata but also in various parts of the globe.

The portal will also sell various Bengal handicrafts which are in high demand both in India and abroad. The owners of the portal say that they are starting with at least 15 traditional sweets and have plans to increase its inventory in coming years.

“We plan to start with 15 traditional sweets such as Monohara, Patishapta, Sarpuria, Rashakadambo, Nalen Gur, Mihidana, Sitabhog and Lyanch. Later on we have plans to increase the number of sweets. We have chosen these sweets as they are speciality of various districts of Bengal,” G Bagchi, Operational Director, Amaderrangamati, said.

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“Our sweets will vary from Rs 200 per kg to Rs 900 per kg. So if you place an order from Dubai or Singapore we will send it you through DHL services. But we won’t be able to send sweets which have juices in it. We will be able to send sweets which are dry in nature and have a shelf life, such as Monohara, Sarpuria and Rashakadambo, Kanchagolla, Nalen Gur Sandesh. We will function just like online shopping services,” the company official said.

The company has its own workshop for manufacturing sweets and has plans to increase its footprint in tier 2 cities likes Durgapur, Kharagpur, Siliguri in next few months. State Tourism Minister Bratya Basu too welcomed the move and said the initiative will boost the reach of Bengal’s traditional sweets and handicrafts in the global arena.