Traditional Bar Puja celebrated at Mohun Bagan Tent


Kolkata:  Bar puja – the age-old ritual and tradition, among the football clubs of Kolkata, was performed on Wednesday at Mohun Bagan Athletic club tent. Many fans and members of the club came in numbers to wish success to the football team for the rest of the season. Head Coach Sanjay sen took the lead role at the bar puja this year.

Picture: Sulaya Sinha

Club Presdent Swapan Sadhon Basu was not present during the puja time. But he was sitting inside the club tent. General Secretary Anjan Mitra, Assistant General Secretary Srinjoy Bose, Finance Secretary Debasish Dutta and other officials along with ex player like Prasun Bannerjee  were present to grace the occasion.

The club lawn and the tent were decked up and Sanai was being played at the background. Also, sweet packets were distributed among the supporters and members of the club. This year Mohun Bagan playing extremely well in I-league. And they are at top for a long time now. Supporters are quite confident that after long 13 years number one trophy of the country is coming inside the club tent in few days. This year Club election also very much important for Mohun Bangan perspective. Both the ruling and opposition members’ re present at the Bar Puja occasion on Wednesday.

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