Tougher Rule On Mobile Use While On Driving


Kolkata: The West Bengal Government has asked the police to take more action against the drivers who uses mobile phone while on driving. State takes this hard initiative after Murshidabad tragedy.

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A new notification from West Bengal transport department has stated that all drivers who uses mobile phone while on driving, faces 184 section instead of 218(2) section. In this act uses mobile phone on driving served as ‘Dangerous Driving’.

The penalties in this section are ten times higher than before and suspends license from for three months. State officials think that mobile phone causes accident while it uses on driving.

The new rule issued on Friday night and circulated in all police stations. The rule implemented all over the state. According to DC traffic Sumit Kumar, this act is much harder than before.

The matter has been taken in view of steps required for road safety and state government has taken some following measures-

Considering the safety of passengers, the offence of using mobile phones while on driving may also attract the penal provisions under section 184.

The offence of using mobile while on driving vehicle may be punished with holding driving license or revocation of his license under section 19.

Reported By-Sujoy Pal

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee (Argha)