‘Touch’ – High Time To Make Your Kids Learn


Kolkata: A series of molestation cases being reported from several institutions, now the question is now split on what age should schools, even parents, start to sensitise their children on ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’.

Some schools have started it by sensitizing 5-6 year olds, experts believe it should start much earlier, just after two years. According to an expertise, “The kids crave for attention. Therefore, it is important to teach children as small as five years that attention can be given even without touching. One needs to seek permission even to be physically affectionate to a kid.”

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The West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights will soon organize special workshops at all schools to make students as well as the teachers more aware about the good and bad touches. It is unfortunate that we have to proceed in accordance with an attacking mind of the adults. This means that if the child of Class I or II is molested then it only reflects what kind of society are we living in.

According to a city based psychiatrist “The child should also be shown visuals and some documentaries about a man with a bad character so that the child is able to identify the points.”

Students also needs to be told about such incidents. They should be given an idea of what is bad touch. In accordance with the child’s age, we are thinking about starting an awareness programme in schools. But it should be through the teachers.