Topper Scam: Examination Sheets To Be Evaluated Digitally


Patna: Call it an impact of the infamous toppers scam that rocked the country, the Bihar School of Examination Board (BSEB) has decided that from next year onwards, the answer sheets would be evaluated digitally.

The Board, at present, is undergoing a massive revamp as far as conducting free and fair examinations are concerned. In the new evaluation system, the answer sheets of the candidates will bear a barcode and there would not be any physical movement of answer sheets from one district to another.

The answer sheets of a district would be kept at a room. These answer sheets would then be scanned using high-speed scanners and uploaded to a central server from where they will be electronically transferred to computers installed at evaluation centers in the districts.

The evaluators will check the answer papers and award marks electronically, after which the computer would calculate the total marks awarded. The results too will be reverted back to the central server for final computation. This entire process will approximately cost Rs 2 crore to the BSEB.

“The entire process will be less cumbersome and answer sheets would be evaluated faster. There will be no chance of tampering with the answer sheets or the answer sheets getting misplaced through this method”, informed Anand Kishore, the Chairman of BSEB.

In a  bid to clean the murky examination system further, post the toppers scam in the state, the BSEB has already announced that a new process will start from nextyear in which Adhar card number of the students will be linked with their examination forms to avoid duplication.

This new initiative is the first to be implemented by any state board in the country. The move will not only add to greater transparency in the exam process but also facilitate easy access to documents.

“When the student will apply for examinations, they will have to specify their Aadhar card number. Those who do not have Aadhar card are requested to apply for the same in order to benefit from the new initiative of the BSEB”, said Kishore.