Top 5 Secret Military & Air Bases Of India


New Delhi:  There are many secret bases around the world, particularly the maximum with US Air Force and Army.  The most famous among them is ‘Area 51’, which is highly restricted to anyone except authorized personnel. Some of them are located in our motherland, India.


The locations of secret Indian bases are not known to all and typically away from the reach of civilians. These places hide a lot about country’s national security and all we have is the name and nothing else.

We just tell about some secret ones-

Andaman & Nicober

Andaman & Nicober is constituted of more than 500 islands but only 34 are open for the visitors. It is believed that Andaman and Nicobar Islands have some secret Indian bases, it is also considered as the command post of India’s highly secret Tri-Service Command.

India is developing defence facilities on the islands since the 1980s. The islands now have a key position in India’s strategic role in the Bay of Bengal and the Malacca Strait.

Bareilly Air Force Base

It will be interesting to know that India had Mig-25 Foxbat, one of the fastest aircrafts of its time. No one in the country and even the enemy knows about it, the acknowledgment of Foxbats happened only on the day they were retired.

The airbase was so secure that we don’t even see which fighter jet flies out of it. We are talking about Trishul Air Base located at Izzatnagar, 6 kilometers north of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. It is considered as the most secret air force base of Indian Air Force and it also has one of the largest underground aircraft hangers in Asia. This air force base is only open for some high-level government officials who are on government duty, currently the Bareilly Air Force Base have Su-30Mki and Helicopter unit.

Wheeler Island , Odisha

Let’s talk about an island made secret for security purposes. Wheeler Island is located off the coast of Odisha approximately 150 kilometers from Bhubaneswar was setup by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

India maintains a missile testing facility here and it comes into limelight when India fired any missiles. The long-range missiles are mostly fired from here.

Wheeler Island is located at a very central place and is located approximately 10 kilometers off the eastern coast of India on the Bay of Bengal. There is an access to the test facility by ship, as there are no bridges or airports connecting the island to the mainland. There is a small helipad, but missile air-frames and all supplies, construction materials and heavy equipments arrive by ship.

Charbatia Air Base, Cuttack

A follower of Indian secret service must be aware of Aviation Research Centre(ARC), which is an aerial reconnaissance and support base of India’s premier foreign intelligence agency R&AW. Not many know from where ARC operates it’s super-secret aircraft, the answer is Charbatia Air Base, which is located approximately 10 Km north of Cuttack, Odisha.

In mid 20th century when India was receiving the secret support of CIA in the development of its defence against China, CIA helped a lot in structuring and making the ARC operational. Later CIA and India both used the base to get information of China’s strategic development.

Farkhor Air Base, Tajikistan

During 90s, when the war with Taliban in Afghanistan was at peak of bloodshed, India responded to its old friend and offered help to Afghan Northern Alliance. Afghan Northen Alliance was the Guerrilla force of Afghan Army.

Getting into Afghanistan is big problem that’s why R&AW started negotiation with Tajikistan to use the Farkhor airbase to transport high altitude military supplies to the Afghan Northern Alliance, service their helicopters and gather intelligence.