Tollywood Remembered First Kakababu’s Death Anniversary


Kolkata: We all love to watch Kakababu movie series. Kakababu is a fictional character painted by noted writer Sunil Gangopadhyay. The casting of Kakababu in the movies generally played by actor Prasenjit Chatterjee or Sabyasachi Chakraborty.

রুপোলি পর্দার প্রথম কাকাবাবুর মৃত্যুদিন আজ

But the first film based on Kakababu’s story which was directed by noted filmmaker Tapan Sinha created sensation because of the casting of Samit Bhanja. Sabuj Dwiper Raja was released on 17th August 1979. The film was produced by NFDC. Samit Bhanja played in the role of Kakababu as a natural performer.

নতুনগ্রামের শরতের বাড়িতে উত্তমই ‘কূলদেবতা’

Samit Bhanja was born in Jamshedpur.In addition to acting in film, he acted in theatre and jatras, and was associated with the Rupkar group theatre. He died on 24 July 2003 in Kolkata.