Tolly Couples Who Broke Up Recently


Kolkata: Now a day’s breakups between the celebrities have become a regular routine for news in the social media. Whenever we hear the word ‘breakup’, everybody feels very sad. So, actually the word breakup reflects the sadness of life. Recently, the hot news about the breakup of Raj Chakravorty and Subhashree Mukherjee, which has created storm in every social media has brought this topic in the headlines. Previously there were also many breakups among the celebrities which were unknown to the audience. Today which celebrity’s relation is in stable form and which relations have broken are given for you.

1. The relation between the director Raj Chakravorty and Tolly beauty Mimi Chakravorty has not passed many days, but their relation are being seriously highlighted by the audience in the social media. But within few days their relation had been broke up. Raj said that, “this break up is due to one of Mimi’s friend, but Mimi didn’t agree this and said that, due to complete misunderstandings their relation had been broken.

2. The chemistry between the actor Jeet and Swastika is old but they are very popular couple in the audience mind. Once they were seen together in late night party, mall and even in the on screen. But the news which has been said by the Tolly industry was not false at all, but it is true that they are in a relation once. But Swastika believes that there is a relation between the Jeet and Koel for which their relation had been broken.

3. The relation between Dev and Subhashree has been reached very far; the marriage date of the couple has already been fixed by their family members. After few days there seen a crack in their relation which is due to some unknown story of Subhashree which came to be known by Dev which is totally unknown to him. This news also creates a great impact among the audience in social media.

4. Apart from Jeet Swastika also had fall in a relation with Parambrata Chatterjee while working in the movie ‘Breakfail’. Once they had been said as perfect couple in the Tollywood industry. But their relation had been broken while Swastika gave a case against his second husband Param.

5. The name Raj Chakravorty has got a price of romantic feeling in the Tollywood industry. Before Mimi Chakraborty he had a relation with another Actress of Tollywod industry Payel Sarkar, but after he began to like Mimi his relation has broken up with Payel.

6. Recently the hottest news about the celebrity relation is about Vikram Chatterjee and famous model Sonika Chauhan. Due to her sudden death in an accident what the exact relation between them was not clear. Apart from Sonika Virkam had a relation with paoli Dam once which has been known by everybody. But their relation doesn’t say longer. The couple said that, “they are not perfect for each other to be in a relation”. Paoli is a special person in Vikram’s life that has been said by Vikram in his own mouth.