Tolerant India and Fake Seculars


Monishankar Choudhury : ‘Intolerance’ is a hot topic now-a-day, from dinner table to club parties. With a glass of champagne in hand or through the rattle of expensive silverware an intellectual India is crying foul on the ‘growing intolerance’ in India and concluding that it is not safe to stay in this country anymore.

From Bollywood superstars to so called secular politicians, all are busy propagating the menace of Hindu extremism and never let a chance to portray RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) as the mother of every evil and keeping mum on Jihadi terror gripping the country. The chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar has even called for a RSS free India but he seemed to be reluctant to call for a terror monifree India.

However, the topic is not about defending or accusing political parties or ideologies, the question is that the intolerance brigade has tarnished the image of India as an intolerant, biased and unsafe country for minorities in the world community. India has for thousands of years opened its door to world and accepted Aryans, Sakas, Mongolians, Persians, Mohammedans and Christians all alike. ‘Unity in diversity’ has been the factor why this country has withstood the challenges of time.

I have spent my schooling days in Jawahar Navodaya Vdyalaya (JNV), a central government residential school and shared many memorable years with my batch mates belonging from different religions. For us there seemed to be no difference between Eid, Durga Puja or Christmas. We shared platter and the religion never seemed to be any hurdle.

India is a secular country where the term ‘secularism’ has long been misinterpreted and used as a toll to manipulate the vote bank. A simple incident of law and order has been painted communal and oppression on minorities by the ‘SICKULARS’.

Secularism means the state does not favour any particular religion but the fake-seculars have interpreted the term as anything against the majority Hindus. Communal appeasement in the name of secularism has become the norm.

Let’s take a deep look into the Dadri incident. The incident is heinous and the culprits should be brought to book. I personally condemn the incident but the portraying of the incident to trigger communal tension for the sake of mere vote bank and dubbing India intolerant is unacceptable. The Dadri incident has been projected by political parties as Hindus oppressing Muslims. While the lynching of a dentist Gagan Narang in Delhi by a Muslim gang has been dubbed as a law and order problem!

While Sonia Gandhi and her brigade never let a chance to criticize the Gujarat riots of 2002 and demonized the majority community, they maintained a serene posture on the Muslim mob who torched the Sabarmati Express killing unarmed Kar Sevaks and igniting the riots.

The recent unrest in Kashmir is a clear case of secessionist and terrorists trying to wrest the valley out of India but the fake seculars are chanting about murder and atrocities by Indian army. The soldiers who lost their lives thoroughly protecting the integrity of the nation have suddenly been dubbed as marauders and murderers while the terrorists like Burhan Wani are martyrs in the view of these ‘SICKULARS’!

For the so called seculars, the ouster of Kashmiri Pandits en masse from the valley is not terrorism but the killing of stone throwing and Kalashnikov wielding terrorists is ethnic cleansing  and out of RSS agenda.

India is indeed tolerant or the country would have turned into Talibanized Afghanistan or Pakistan, where people are burnt alive for ‘disrespecting Quran’ and Sharia law. The mere fact is that in any Indian hamlet Mandir, Masjid and other religious foundations stood side by side for generation after generation. That is India. India of past, of present and future.