Toilet Water Added To Tomato Soups, Served In Duronto Express


Ernakulam: The caterers in Duronto Express were spotted using water of toilet in soups, which are served to customers on the board. One of the passengers spotted a pantry car official using the unhygienic water for preparing tomato soups. That raised an alarm among the co-passengers which led to a protest at Kozhikode station.

The controversy broke out on Sunday, when the passengers of Ernakulam-Kolkata Duronto Express lashed out at the officials inside the train for the unhygienic method of cooking adopted by the pantry car members. When the train halted at Kozhikode railway station, a written complaint was handed over to the station master, who in-turn gave an assurance to the agitated passengers, promising them that action would be taken

Angry passengers created a ruckus at the Kozhikode railway station forcing the train to halt for more than 15 minutes. Railway Ministry has taken a note of the incident and action is likely to be taken against the officials of the train.

Railways have often been criticized for offering substandard and hazardous food to the commuters. On past occasions, the pantry-car bound trains have also served people with meals infiltrated by insects, cockroaches or lizards. This widespread flak earned by Railways for the poor quality of food, makes many of the travellers to buy their food from the Railway stations, which comparatively adopt more hygienic pattern of cooking and packaging.