Tobu Mone Rekho…

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Kolkata: As the city of Joy gears up for the biggest festival, hundreds of pandals both big and small are there to enthrall spectators not only from the city but from across the West Bengal. Each year, artists attempt to come up with themes that are not only unique but also have a deep message. This iconic North Kolkata pujo is all set to take you down memory lane through books and libraries. Durga Ma will be seen in the middle of 50 thousand books.

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Hatibagan Nabin Palli Puja Committee has focused on this element this year. Once upon a time grandfathers told their grand sons that Kolkata is the city of lies and also told with funniness that where is the elephant at Hatibagan? Every year this invisible elephants world ready to make unique themes to enthrall pandal hoppers. The reflection of the missing library will be seen in Nabin Pally’s Durga Puja. This year, their theme is Tobu Mone Rekho….

চমক বলে চমক ! ৫০ হাজার বইয়ের মাঝেই থাকবেন দুর্গা

Bengalees always are in love with books. But today many people are not willing to go to the libraries due to e-book store. Especially, the distance between young generations and libraries has increased a lot. So their main motive is to restore the libraries image among the Bengalies.

Artist Subal Pal said that there will be about 50 thousand books in this Pandal. Books being taken from various publishing companies. There will be printing presses. The Pandal is being made in the form of an old library. The book will be kept in the library.

The artist said that the fun of reading a book in the library is different. We are trying to show the e-book but we are trying to show the Book Café as a modern version of the library. Here Durga will be worshiped as Chandi.

Reported By- Debjani Sarkar

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee