To Save Husband’s Life Woman Stoops To Get Intimate With Another Man


Alipurduar: A couple of Alipurduar tea garden area has filed a complaint against a miscreant of Kalchini area of Alipurduar, who often threatened her to kill her husband at the cost of making physical relationship with her. Hence, to save her husband’s life she had to compromise with the miscreant. She was forced to make relationship with the miscreant.

The incident took place in Kalchini area of Alipurduar four months ago.

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The ill-fated wife thought that once she suffered fulfills the demand of the miscreant she will be able to save her husband’s life. But took a worse shape and despair washed over her. She started receiving more threats. The distressed house wife claimed that Angeles Kujur has been assaulting her sexually since four months. She has also alleged that the man also threatened her to kill.

The woman’s husband said that, he had no clue about this incident. Being tortured mentally by the miscreant the distressed woman never told anything about this incident to her husband. When the torture crossed all limits, the woman reveled everything to her husband. And after consulting it with some of their neighbours the couple decided to take the help of police.

Although, the couple has filed a complaint at their local police station, and investigation is underway, but the accused Kujur is not arrested yet. The residents of the area have been demanding the arrest of the accused. They protested in front of the police outpost on Saturday. Police said the investigation is going on. Attempts are being made to arrest the accused.