TN Govt Issues Strict Guidelines For Jallikattu


Chennai: Tamil Nadu government has issued a set of stringent guidelines including CCTV surveillance and medical examination of bulls to ensure safe conduct of Jallikattu.

As per a circular sent to the Madurai district administrations and organisers of the bull-taming sport, the names of participants and bulls should be registered and a team of officials should monitor the events.

The bulls should be rested at least for 20 minutes before being released into the sporting arena, and they will be examined by the veterinarians, officials here said quoting the circular. The bulls should be given 60 sq ft of space, and the owner of the animal should stand by it to give it a sense of security, they said.

The venue, where the sport takes place should be under CCTV surveillance.

The sportsmen are allowed to hold onto the hump of the bull only for a distance of 15 metres, and not pull its tail.

The guidelines have been issued after the government promulgated an ordinance for allowing the conduct of the bull taming sport after a three-year ban.