TMC’s New Cell To Secure Hindi-Speaking People Votes


Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress has formed a cell to win the votes of the Hindi-speaking people in the state. A sizeable number of Hindi-speaking people in the state may potentially be BJP voters.

In a calculated move to create a dent in the BJP’s vote bank, the Trinamool Congress has constituted the cell, which will convince people and turn their votes in Trinamool Congress’s favour.

Former Trinamool Congress MLA Dinesh Bajaj has been made the chief advisor of the newly constituted Hindi cell. It was learnt that the new committee is going to organise an outreach programme ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee may attend the Holi function and Kavi Sammelan of Marwaris in the Nazrul Mancha on Tuesday.

Earlier, Banerjee addressed the conferences of Hindi-speaking people on various occasions. It was learnt that the Chief Minister may read out some of her poems when she will attend the Kavi Sammelan. Mayor Firhad Hakim and some other party leaders may also attend the programme.

Some people however are not ready to accept it as a move by Trinamool Congress’ to win votes. They said the Chief Minister Banerjee attend all the programmes organised by various community in the city.