TMC hits out at BJP in Burdwan


Burdwan: As expected, Abhishek Banerjee of TMC hits out at BJP directly just after a day when Amit Shah addressed the public at Burdwan.It was evident from Abhishek’s speech that the TMC is not going to let  BJP function smoothly in West Bengal. Echoing SiddharthaNath Singh, Firhad Hakim set the stage by raising the slogan ‘Bhag Subrata Bhag’. Bobby Hakim said that such will be the scenario after the results of the bypolls.

  • Abhishek attacks the Union ministers raising questions regarding their personal assets
  • Abhishek hits out at mass media for bringing false allegations against Mamata
  • Bengal is our land, our motherland. We won’t part away with Bengal:Abhishek
  • No MPs were present at BJP’s meeting. This shows the strength of BJP in Bengal: Abhishek
  • Abhishek attacks journalists by calling them ‘touts’
  • Abhishek raises the Gorkhaland issue to strengthen Mamata’s field
  • Jyoti babu and Buddha babu are part time CMs: Abhishek
  • “Modi has changed after becoming the PM.” Abhishek hits out at BJP
  • “Mamata has not changed over the years”
  • Shah doesnot know bengali, culture of bengal, so how would he able to control Bengal?: Abhishek
  • After Amit Shah’s meeting at Victoria House, TMC has won the college elections. It proves TMC’s power in Bengal
  • TMC will win with absolute majority: Abhishek
  • Abhishek confident that TMC will win at the bypolls
  • Abhishek Banerjee addressed the crowd at Burdwan