TMC’s ‘Litti-Chokha’ Strategy To Prevent Saffron Emergence


Kolkata: There is no off- season in politics. Daspara Dalpatti of ward number 13 of Kolkata Municipal Corporation. The people of Daspara Dalpatti area which comes under ward number 13 of KMC is an inspiration for all. They never miss any gala time, festival like rakshya bandhan was always celebrated in this locality and this time they celebrated a new festival that is teh ‘Litti-chokha’ festival.

There are more than 300 varieties of pulses in this Dalpatti of Ultadanga. Most of the residents who lives in this area are basically the inhabitants Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. But now most of them have their names on the voter’s list of West Bengal.

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On Saturday the residents of this Dalpatti have celebrated the ‘Litti-chokha’ festival. Nearly two thousand non-Bengali residents gathered here to celebrate this ‘Litti-chokha’ food festival. According to the political parties this may be an innovative initiative by the Grassroot to prevent the emergence of the Saffron brigade in Bengal.

The main organizer of the ‘Litti-chokha’ festival and the Councilor of KMC ward number 13 Anand Rout, said “There are lot of non-Bengali people in my ward. As Bengalis celebrate Durgapujo every year here together, so I have arranged such a festival for the non-Bengalis residents too, its been three years we are celebrating this festival.”

They say ‘the way to win a man’s heart is through stomach,’ but here along with the men TMC is introducing new strategies for winning women’s heart as well.