TMC’s Hooliganism: No-Entry Board Removed Forcefully In Mohammad Bazar


Suri: A Trinamool block president of Birbhum district has been alleged for removing the no-entry board hanged by Mohammad Bazar police and showed rowdy behavior. TMC has been alleged for showing hooliganism.

Mohammad Bazar police has hanged no-entry board in between the road of Mohammad Bazar to Sainthia at least four months ago to control freight traffic movement. No heavy traffic were not moving towards Sainthia from Mohammad Bazar. So they are going via Suri. Truck and dumper owners are not happy on the decision.

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Reportedly, the incident took place on Tuesday night in leadership of block president Tapas Sinha. Few dumpers have crossed the road which were not open for them. Less amount of police and civic volunteer could not stop them at that moment.

After an interval, huge amount of police reached the spot along with the OC Madhav Mondal. Till then no one was there. TMC group members have been alleged for removing the no-entry board from the place.

Though the TMC leadership clearly denied the event. Countering the situation, he said, that ‘no-entry’ board is hindering the profit out of stone business. truck and dumper owners are facing huge loss due to this. District administration has been informed to remove the no-entry board. Though no written complaint has been filed till now.