TMC’s Extortion Issue Erupts Violence In Alipur


Kolkata: Centreing to extortion, Thakriapara of Alipore area has turned agitated on Thursday. As per the local source, the incident triggered from collecting parking money. Allegedly, Trinamool leader Pratap Saha and Biplab Mitra got involved in a tussle on parking money.

It is one of the old story in the two group of TMC in Alipore. The situation turned terribly violent on Thursday night. A woman and physically retarded person have been injured amid this chaos on Thursday night. Allegedly, the goons sheltered by Biplab Mitra have hit the suppoters of Pratap Saha.

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The locals said that, common people and administration are aware of the scenario which came in light many times. Pratap Saha has been alleged for extortion and forceful land occupation activities to build a new residential area.

That time also the ward number 74 block president Biplab Mitra alleged for territorial dispute. Later police arrested him in connection to the same incident.