TMCP-CP Clash At Shantipur College


Krishnanagar: Chaos spread in Nadia on Tuesday over clashes between CP and TMCP.

The incident took place at Shantipur college. On Tuesday, the CP opened a unit at the college. Then they submitted a memorandum to the principal Chandrima Bhattacharya. The CP accused that when activists of CP went to the college, TMCP activists attacked and beat them.

Two CP activists got injured, Bijan Biswas and Rohan Mullick. They have also alleged that when they were trying to escape, bombs were being hurled at them. Even theyr were being stopped from going to the Shantipur hospital. Later on they got treatment at a local clinic.

Though, TMCP have completely denied all such allegations. They said that CP had burst bombs in the college. They have asked for the principal’s intervention in the matter.