TMC workers beat up Burnstandard employees

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Howrah: The workers of Burnstandard Company Limited were allegedly beaten up by a group of TMC workers. It is reported that the GM and DGM have escaped following the torture on them.

Since the eleventh day of the present month, 175 employees have gone in for a strikeraising a voice for making them permanent workers. In Feb 17, two of the protesters fell sick for carrying out the hunger strike. The owners of the company agreed to sit with the protesters. According to the report, the GM and DGM sat for a meeting along with the TMC workers of the area.

Just after the day of the meeting, the GM and DGM got themselves into bitter terms with the TMC workers of the area. Following the incident, it is reported that the TMC workers have attacked the two gentlemen. They have been even beaten up outside the factory’s gate. Fearing of further torture and attack, the GM and DGM have escaped from the area.