TMC Will Not Even Get 20 Seats, Predicts Mukul


Haldia: Predicting the future of the Trinamool Congress party in 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP leader Mukul Roy said that TMC will not even get 20 seats. The party will become extinct. In the Bidhan Sabha elections, TMC will be etched out completely. He was speaking at the BJP’s Yuva Morcha rally at Haldia on Sunday.

On July 21, Chief Minister and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee, had said that in 2019 BJP will have to leave the country. On this, Mukul said, “She has made such comments without having a proper idea about the map of India. There are 542 seats in LS, out of which she will get less than 20 seats. In this context, speaking of it is nothing but insanity.”

On the context of federal front, Roy said, “Who is the leader of this federal front? Rahul Gandhi or someone else, that needs to be said. There is a party called Trinamool which is actually a company. That company has one MD, one director and another co-director. Who else is there in the party?”