TMC To Form Samities In Malda Zila Parishad

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Malda: Trinamool has decided to form nine permanent samities in Zila Parishad after State Transportation minister has alerted them that the committee will be dissolved.

But still the situation is agitated and huge police have been deployed in the area. Malda Zila Parishad got a uncontested win in West Bengal Panchayat Election 2018. They have secured 29 seats among the 38. Six seats divided into BJP and Congress. One candidate suddenly passed away.

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Soon after the result, chairman and co-president has been elected but the problem triggered when it came to Zila Parishad. In Zila Parishad, TMC’s uncontested win triggered the problem regarding the headship.

Seeing no improvement in the situation, Suvendu Adhikari has alerted them that the local heads have to solve the problem otherwise the committee will be dissolved soon.

Mamata Banerjee commented on the turmoil situation in Malda and TMC top-brass has directed that district leadership will be responsible for formation of a permanent samity in Zilla Parishad.