TMC Targets Howrah In Municipal Election

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Howrah: After the significant victory in panchayat, municipality election is the next target for Trinamool-Congress. It has started series of meeting to strengthen the organisational bonding in wards.

According to TMC, each ward will hold party meeting one after another. The prime moto of those meeting are discussions on many developmental aspect, let people know about state government public service schemes and to figure out strategic measures on Municipal election.

এবার তৃণমূলের পাখির চোখ হাওড়া পুরসভার নির্বাচন

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66 number ward of Howrah held the first meeting on Sunday. Minister Arup Biswas inaugurated the political convention of TMC in Howrah. He was accompanied with Indranil Sen, Ward Councillor Narayan Majumder, 62 number ward councillor Kailash Kumar Mishra, leader Anuplab Ghosh.