TMC sweats over Shah’s meeting


Kolkata: It has not been a week since Manjul Krishna Thakur has joined BJP along with his son Subrata Thakur. On the pretext of such political shifts, the Trinamool Congress has been kept on its toes. The political gathering of Amit Shah at Burdwan, on tuesday, hence promises to bring more folds on the forehead of Mamata Banerjee.

Talks had been going on in the TMC interiors to stop such switch overs and locate the rebels within the party. Placed at such a zing, the TMC is concerned about the effects that the meeting of Amit Shah might have on the party workers and common public.

On the other hand, rumours have been going on in social networking sites that Tamluk MP, Shubhendu Adhikary might join BJP. He has already been congratulated from before hand on his possibility of joining the saffron brigade. The state president of BJP has not completely disregarded the rumour. Besides Shubhendu, the likes of Rachpal Singh and Krishnendu Narayan Chowdhury, Sadhan Pandey and Manish Gupta are doing the rounds in the TMC interior. The rumour has concretized as Rahul had said earlier that a handful of TMC leaders might dawn the BJP colors soon. However TMC has claimed all such possibilities as baseless and false.

Considering all the permutaion and combination, Amit Shah’s political gathering at Burdwan stays as a huge threat and an issue of concern for TMC.