TMC suspends Mukul’s scion Siuli and Shilbhadra


Kolkata: Citing instances of hurting the interest of Trinamool Congress as a whole and also being instrumental in undermining the party’s national stature, the disciplinary committee of TMC on Monday has suspended Siuli Saha and Shilbhadra Dutta. According to TMC sources, the decision was taken in a disciplinary committee meeting on Monday. The decision was taken was by Partha Chatterjee, the chairman of the committee who is also the Education Minister of the State.

The MLAs Siuli Saha and Shilbhadra Dutta was of late in news for their closeness with the former general secretary of TMC, Mukul Roy. They were even spotted to attend the Iftar party at Nizam Palace with Mukul Roy on Sunday. Within 24 hours after the party, the decision comes from the disciplinary committee of TMC. Undoubtedly, such a move aggravates the sour relation between Mukul Roy and TMC. It is now to be seen, as per rumours whether Mukul Roy turns out to be a genuine rebel and walks out of the party to form his own allegiance after Eid

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