TMCP Leader Arrested For Sheltering ISI Agent


Kolkata: In a lightning move Asfaq Ansari, a TMCP leader of Hari Mohan Ghosh College has been arrested for harbouring Izaz, an agent of notorious Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

Special Task force (STF) of Kolkata police also Arrested Asfaq’s father Irsad Ansari and his maternal uncle Jahangir. Jahangir is a Trinamool Congress union leader of Garden Reach Ship Builder’s.

ISI agent Izaz had been arrested from Meerut, STF reported. STF busted the module and arrested the three state ruling party men for sheltering the Pakistani agent and liaison with him.

আইএসআই এজেন্টদের আশ্রয় দিয়ে গ্রেফতার তৃণমূল নেতা

The arrest created ripples in the heart of the metropolis. The security of the city life now faced a big question mark.Two weeks ago police had arrested other two ISI agents from their den in Kolkata.

A special team of Kolkata police from Lalbazar raided a home in Tilajala area and nabbed Akhtar & his brother Jafar Khan, officials said. Akhtar Khan believed to be the head of a ISI sleeper cell in the area used to recruit local people for the Pak military intelligence agency.

It is revealed that catering services run by Khan brothers has been used as smokescreen under which, a complicated Pakistani spy & informers network worked in the city, said police. Both of them were directly trained by ISI in foreign soil.