TMC Shahid Divas: Madan Mitra Was Not Allowed On Stage

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Kolkata: Madan Mitra has to return from the stage without attending the program on the occasion of Shahid Divas on Friday. He was not allowed on the stage during the ongoing program by his party members.

21 marks Trinamool Congress’s historic Shahid Divas. All TMC supporters and lakhs of people have converged from all the districts for the public meeting at Dharmatala. All the TMC leaders gathered were on the stage, Madan Mitra also arrived to join them but he was not allowed on the stage .

According to the TMC sources he was not allowed on stage, once a strong supporter of TMC was pushed and removed from the stage losing the tussle to get onto the stage Madan Mitra sat on the street. Later, seeing media he managed himself by saying that he’s unwell and so didn’t go on the stage. He also said that he don’t have any work on stage so he will stay on the road, while saying this his face reflected his pain and repentence.

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However, question has arised among the TMC party workers. On the occasion of Shahid Divas (Martyr’s day) live Madan Mitra was made Martyr.