TMC Shahid Divas: Ignoring, Madan & Mukul Abhishek Ruled On Stage


Kolkata: 21st July marks as the historic Shahid Divas of the Trinamool Congress. Each year lakhs of people have converged from all the districts for the public meeting at Dharmatala, this year was not an exceptional.

মুকুল-মদনের উপেক্ষায় শহিদ মঞ্চে ‘ভাইপো’র অভিষেক

TMC MP and Youth Wing President Abhishek Bandopadhyay today took the centre attraction of the stage and clarified that there is no need of people like Mukul Roy, who was the Railway Minister. Once he used to consider him as his ‘siksha guru’ but today at the Shahid Mancha he didn’t even mention about Roy. Not only did he even at the same time, Mamata Banerjee also not prefer to mention the name of her long time partner Mukul.

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To make the party stronger Mamta Banerjee had long ago emphasized on the power of her nephew. As per sources on can say that Banerjee’s this decision had already split the party into two divisions. Where Ministers like Subrata Bakshi, Partha Chattopadhyay and Subrata Mukherjee were present at the gathering and presented their speech, Mukul Roy did not get any chance to be a part of this historic 21st July.

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When Abhishek thanked to the other top leaders of the organization he dropped Roy’s name.

Not only Abhisekh, even Mamata Banerjee started neglecting Mukul since last one year. Few days ago she removed him from his post from Tripura and posted Sabyasachi Dutta in his place.

While on the other hand, Madan Mitra was not even allowed by other TMC leaders to reach the stage and was literally pushed out of the venue. Later, seeing media he managed himself by saying that he’s unwell and so didn’t go on the stage. He also mentioned that he don’t have any work on stage so he preferred to stay on the road. However, question has arised among the TMC party workers and it has been assumed that the reason behind this incident was the Youth Wing President.

According to a student leader, on Thursday night Abhisekh visited the spot to verify the last minute preparation and as soon as he left Madan came to visit the place. The student leader said that there is no ongoing discrimination in the party in fact people were happy to see Madan and showed their happiness to him.

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As per the political observers, no matter how much preference Mamata has been given to her nephew, it cannot redeem the popularity of Madan Mitra and Mukul Roy among the people. Now the question arise that will they be able to maintain their popularity during Abhisekh’s power. Probably the answer will help to set TMC’s future.