TMC Shahid Divas: Bengal Will Protect India In Future, Says Mamata

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  • The programme ends with the National Anthem.
  • Mamata bids adieu to the scores of supporters, and asks for their safe return. She also thanked the celeb folk.
  • Singer Indranil Sen ends the programme with the ‘Maa Maati Manush’ song.
  • Mamata recites few poetry lines. Bengal will protect India in future, Mamata concludes.

  • We need the blessings of the people. Unity amongst religions is our strength.
  • All our schemes are our pride. We have the support of the people.
  • We need to bowl out BJP so much that they will fear to enter the field.
  • Bengal is beside Sonia, Arvind, DMK and everyone who opposes BJP. Bengal will lead the country.
  • Mamata reminds of her development schemes for the minority classes. Everyone is secured.
  • November, December will have Block To Block gathering. Every concerning official need to be present.
  • 9th August to 30th August will mark the ‘BJP Bharat Charo’ campaign. I ask everyone’s support for the same.
  • We will not tolerate riots. I ask the citizens not to allow riots to erupt irrespective of religions. Don’t allow rumours to buzz.
  • 12000 farmers  from across the country have committed suicide. We have waived farm taxes to assist them.

  • Also seek probe into demonetisation and GST.
  • If Narada, Sarada investigations prove false, we will file defamation worth crores.
  • Centre bulldozing, not allowing state govt to function. We are not slaves of the centre.
  • Sting operation has no value. Why is Aadhar so mandatory?
  • Mamata challenges BJP on the Shahid Divas.They are just ‘Gau Rakhshas’ in the name of ‘Gau Rakshak’.
  • TMC never fears someone. Where is ED, CBI during multiple scams across MP,Gujarat. We don’t need your certificate. 2019 will see the exit of BJP, we pledge: BJP
  • We have sought punishment for the 21st July incident when 13 martyrs were gunned down. There will be inquiry, as judicial commission has recommended. Report has been submitted. We collected money to pay for the expenses of those families. Kin of the 21st July martyrs will be given Rs 2 lakhs from the government.
  • Mamata: This is a mass revolution. Every 21st July is a rebirth. Next year, it will turn 25 years. It indicates people’s rights, slain martyrs, tribal movement and more.No political party in India has the honesty we have.
  • Madan Mitra was not allowed by other TMC leaders to reach the stage and was literally pushed out of the venue. However, he said that he could not do so owing to illness.
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  • TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee takes centre stage and welcomes all the supporters, fellow leaders to the gathering. She also asks them to keep calm.
  • Singer Pranati Thakur and one more join TMC.
  • Representatives from Odisha, Punjab spoke on the occasion.
  • TMC leader Kabir Suman also speaks on the occasion and also croons a song about Bengal penned by Kavi Nazrul Islam. He asks BJP to take note of what constitutes Bengal.
  • Actor Indrani Halder joins TMC and is formally inducted.
  • TMC supremo Mamata reaches the venue. Singer Nachiketa croons a song. Mamata Banerjee’s convoy proceeds for the TMC Shahid Divas rally.
  • TMC MP and Youth Wing President Abhishek Bandopadhyay takes centre stage. Bengal turns deaf ear to all criticism. We stand rock solid. We will become more strong as much as we are hurt. TMC is strong like pure iron. Our fight is with CPM & BJP. TMC keep their words. It’s worthless to criticize TMC. In case if CPM,Congress and BJP unites we will not leave any piece of land for them.
  • Aazaan roars from the nearby Tipu Sultan mosque. Sudip takes a break from his ongoing speech.
  • TMC MP Sudip Bandopadhyay, who recently was bailed out of jail, made his first public appearance. There is a insecurity, intolerance in the country which I observed. From Parliament to border, tension prevails everywhere. He appealed to the majority not to oppose the  constructive opposition.
  • TMC’s  RS candidate Shanta Chetri from Darjeeling speaks about how Mamata ensured peace and development in the hills despite turmoil. She asserted that she didn’t want division of Bengal.
  • Minister Subrata Mukherjee spoke about the need to stop divisional politics. He said that there is a long battle ahead of them.
  • Minister Partha Chattopadhyay was the first one to deliver his speech. He said that Bengal is leading despite external pressures.
  • The public gathering address commences. TMC leaders pay deepest respects to the slain martyrs of 21 July 1993.

Kolkata: 21 marks Trinamool Congress’s historic Shahid Divas. All roads will lead to Dharmatala on Friday where all the rallies are expected to meet. A huge turnout is expected. Lakhs of people have converged from all the districts  for the public meeting at Dharmatala on Friday.

More than 1500 cars have already arrived in the city from the districts. Police officials are mapping out areas to make the rally pass and ensure smooth traffic. However, it has been advised to avoid Strand road and few other main junctions.