TMC office gets shifted from Mukul’s residence to Abhishek’s

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New Delhi: The rift between Mamata Banerjee and Mukul Roy is now clearly out in the open. The TMC office was shifted from Mukul’s house at 181 South Avenue on Friday morning. It is reported that along with the main office, some other official accessories were also shifted from Mukul’s residence on Friday.

The news has been confirmed by the TMC sources. 181 South Avenue was the working office of TMC of late. CM Mamata Banerjee also worked from there whenever she visited Delhi. According to close sources, the shift had resulted due to the TMC Supremo’s order. The shift has undoubtedly raised many questions between the tussle in the party. The new address of TMC’s working office in Delhi is now 183 South Avenue which is known to be Avishek Banerjee’s flat. Earlier Mukul’s flat used to be the headquarter of TMC’s Delhi wing.