TMC remains Ever’green’ in West Bengal


Bongaon/Krishnagunj: Keeping aside all speculation and the contemporary wave, its TMC at the end of the day at Bongaon and Krishnagunj. Registering a record margin at Bongaon, TMC candidate Mamatabala Thakur walked away with the slice of cake to restore some sort of peace in the TMC camp. CPIM’s Debesh Das was at the second spot with Subrata Thakur of BJP sticking to the third position. According to sources, the no.of votes registered at Bongaon was much higher than the last Lok Sabha Election. CM Mamata Banerjee even thanked the voters of the particular areas for their support and faith .

At Krishnagunj, the result was somewhat similar. Satyajit Biswas walked away with the lead and registered a win over a margin of 38,000 votes. The BJP took the second position at the Vidhan Sabha constituency of Krishnagunj.