TMC Party Offices Turned Into Bomb Manufacturing Factories: Dilip


Kolkata: Continuing with his tirade on Monday, , BJP state President Dilip Ghosh has attacked Anubrata Mondal saying TMC party offices have turned into bomb manufacturing factories

A massive explosion reported at Trinamool Congress party office in Kankartala village on Monday. The intensity of the blast was so high that it has blown away the roof, doors and windows of the party office.

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After the incident, Birbhum District TMC President, Anubrata Mondal claimed that BJP was behind the blast by bringing people from Jharkhand. Then Dilip Ghosh counter attacked, “Anubarata Mondal is a very honest person. He rose new bizarre theory everyday. Is now eating marijuana in daylight? If there are people from Jharkhand, then why police could not arrest anyone yet? Is police also eating marijuana? Why they do not understand that people laughed at them after hearing this. ”

BJP’s state president also added that, “TMC party offices have turned into bomb manufacturing factories.” Now The Trinamool party offices have became a place of anti-social activities.