TMC Party Office Vandalized In Palta


Barrackpore: The Trinamool Congress party office in ward 18 in North Barrackpore municipality has been allegedly vandalised on Friday night. The incident took place in Palta.

When almost everyone were busy in Dashami celebration and idol immersion, miscreants has executed the incident. The party office situated adjacent to a brick factory. It is close to North Barrackpore municipality which is not a residential area.

The goons have utilized the absence of people. The table chairs and other belongings have been vandalised. The glass over the table has also been demolished. Those things have also throw out of the room after rupturing the stuffs.

Important documents , files are missing. Those stuffs have put in front of a local club Nabarun Sangh. The festoon of Mamata Banerjee in front of the office has been ruined. Flex and other party belongings has also been thrown out of the room.

The chairman of North Barrackpore municipality Malay Ghosh talking on the issue, said that, he is not aware of the whole incident that took place within his territory. He said, “I returned from the immersion rally at around 1:30 AM but did not heard something like this.”

The local councillor Subhash Chandra Dig has directly blamed TMC on this incident. The leftist councilor said that, “i heard that there is a brick factory and a TMC office is also there. It is an outcome of internal clash. The tussle sparked over the idol immersion.” He added, “the chairman is also aware of the fact. I heard that he went to the spot after the incident.”