TMC Party Office In Silent Mode As BJP Leads Nationwide


Kolkata: The TMC party office near Science City is silent since Thursday morning as Lok Sabha vote result counting is underway. Since morning, among TMC big faces, Subrata Bakshi was seen coming to the party office. After coming out of the car, he went straight to his own room.

The BJP and its allies have crossed 300 as early leads are in. In Bengal, Trinamool Congress had been leading for a while before the BJP took over. As of 9.47 am, the BJP is leading in 22 seats while Trinamool trails behind leading in 17 seats.

Current data shows that the BJP alone has crossed the majority mark by itself at 9.47 am. It has crossed the 272 mark and is currently leading in 275 constituencies out of 542 constituencies.

Reporting: Sekhar Dubey